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“We have this myth that is still following us that you prepared for one career, you got a job in it and you stayed there for 30 years,” said Helen Harkness, founder of Career Design Associates, near Dallas. “We’re still dealing with that with mid career people even though most know it’s a dead myth.” – Helen Harkness, Ph.D. (Read more of Dr. Harkness’ comments on careers in Paul Sullivan’s column in the New York Times.)


When Dr. Harkness gets involved with your career, you better be prepared to work on change!

Career Design Foundation is hosting a Teen Career Readiness Workshop on two consecutive weekends – Saturday July 29 and Saturday, August 5

Helen-teach-An2-cropThe two-day workshop is designed for students to prepare for educational opportunities within a college prep or vocational path, and to understand their choices in terms of their interest and aptitudes. The goal is for students to make better educational choices prior to later college or vocational training and education.

Students will attend the first and second Saturdays. Parents will attend with their children on the second Saturday ONLY.


        Time: 1:00-4:00pm, both Saturdays
Location: Career Design Associates, Inc.
2818 S. Country Club Road, Garland, TX, 75043
Call 972-278-4701 for more information, or email

Students attend both sessions. Parent(s) attend only the second session with their students.

Day 1

Students will complete various exercises and assessments to help them learn their strengths and aptitude for a variety of subjects. Each student will receive a binder to hold all of their assessment materials.

Carpooling options may be available – call for details. Parents who choose to wait in the area may want to visit Firewheel Mall while their children are working on the first day. From Career Design, you would return to Centerville Road, turn right onto E Centerville Rd. Follow E. Centerville about 3.5 miles to Firewheel Parkway, where you turn left. Proceed about 1.5 miles to Town Center Blvd., where you turn left. The mall is all around you.

Day 2

Students will go over the results of their assessments and learn how to apply that information. They will also learn possible career options that best match their results.

Contact BA or learn more about Tiny Houses at Earth Day Texas.

CDA’s four-step model for career change:

  1. Self-Assessment – who am I? What can I do?
  2. Career Exploration – Where can I do it? What’s out there?
  3. Future Direction – How do I see myself? What do I really want?
  4. Strategic Action Plan – How do I get there? What are my options?

Dr. Harkness Still Asks Her Clients the Same Questions As In this 1980s Video:

Past CDA Events

January 22 & 29, 2017 – Career Maturity Workshop for teens and parents (second session)

Dr. Harkness and staff are providing a two-session Career Maturity Workshop to help teenagers determine their future career direction based on their interests, skills, and current and future workplace needs.

CDF2-5-600These seminars – for teenagers and their parents (the final session) – are designed to teach teenagers and their parents about the critical importance of mapping student education/interests to future jobs. The seminar, which is underwritten by the Career Design Foundation, introduces students and their parents to the concepts of Career Design Associates, a leader in re-careering for adult workers. For the Career Design Foundation classes, Dr. Harkness and her associates are soliciting students and their parents to participate in the career workshop series at the Career Design offices in Garland.

Cost: FREE, provided by Career Design Foundation
When: Sunday, January 22nd and January 29th from 2:00-5:00pm

We are requesting parents, or interested adults, to attend the January 29th meeting to gain insight into the teenagers’ career information.

Email us at if you have any questions or would like to attend!

Harkness_Wagner_lowres-7029Career Design Associates (CDA) provides a career coaching pathway with information, strategies, and resources for adults and students that help them change careers or enhance current work/life situations. In this time of change & chaos, CDA helps individuals make career transitions or identify “the purpose they can pursue with a passion for a profit.” CDA has been helping people in career and life transition for more than three decades. CDA is devoted to helping you achieve career and personal satisfaction.

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“I credit Dr. Harkness for introducing me to the concept of working as a free agent, during our work together I began developing a personal philosophy of thinking outside the box, thereby allowing myself more freedom to be creative in my lifestyle and career choices.”
– Ron W.