100 Characteristics Indicator for Entrepreneurs

The simple truth is that adults in mid-life are tired of doing the same ol’ thing. Day in and day out, they get up to work for someone else at a job they don’t like. They are burned out, undervalued and overworked. Most times, this career unrest actually stems from something much deeper than what’s visible on the surface. My career change services help the mid-life career changer find the purpose they can pursue with a passion for the rest of their life. People are seeking both meaning and money, and I help them find that.

Is Becoming an Entrepreneur Your Next Career Move?

As you may know, many of CDA’s career coaching clients start their own business rather than going back to work for someone else. The entrepreneur characteristics indicator below is what clients take as they contemplate starting their own businesses. Take the entrepreneurial quiz today and see how you compare.

Entrepreneur Characteristics Indicator Checklist

Indicate how true the following statements are about you by placing the corresponding number in the blank by each numbered statement, using the following scale:
      1       2       3       4       5
_____ 1 Need to feel a strong sense of control over my own destiny.
_____ 2 Have good health and a high energy level.
_____ 3 Set clear goals which are challenging and obtainable.
_____ 4 Have foresight and commitment to work toward these long-term
future goals.
_____ 5 Have a firm belief in my ability to achieve my goals.
_____ 6 See myself as an overcomer with a high level of tenacity and
_____ 7 Have moderate people skills and communicate well.
_____ 8 Stay relatively cheerful, cooperative, and tactful.
_____ 9 Impose my own standards and compete with myself.
____ 10 Know how to build on successes and learn from failures.
____ 11 Like situations where I can make a measurable impact.
____ 12 Tolerate frustration and ambiguity.
____ 13 Deal successfully with modest to high levels of uncertainty and
job insecurity.
____ 14 Can work on a number of different projects and issues at once.
____ 15 Stay cool under fire and solve problems well under pressure.
____ 16 See myself as fairly original and creative, as well as
analytical and realistic.
____ 17 Seek aid from outside resources as needed.
____ 18 Have the knowledge and/or technical skills in my field for
building a business.
____ 19 Understand the language of business: i.e., the financial, legal
requirements, etc.
____ 20 Have a healthy respect for making and managing money.
____ 21 Have a close family member who has owned his/her own business.
____ 22 Know I can do my work better than anyone else.
____ 23 Tend not to be interested in outside investments over which I
have no control.
____ 24 Have a clear vision — a purpose — a plan to create and
____ 25 Not particularly interested in partnerships.
____ 26 Willing to learn new skills to be more successful.
____ 27 Not especially interested in managing or supervising others.
____ 28 Have a tendency to focus on my own interests and concerns.
____ 29 People tend to label me a workaholic since I appear to have
limited outside interests.
____ 30 Take only calculated risks, though others tend to see me as a
____ 31 Creating/designing a successful business is my major
____ 32 Buying an existing business and building it is a major
motivation for me.
____ 33 Making money is an important measure, but not the only measure,
of my success.
____ 34 The approval of others is not particularly important to me.
____ 35 Fear becoming stale in my work.
____ 36 Making something out of nothing is a major motivation of mine.
____ 37 Primarily motivated to do something very well.
____ 38 Do not fit in a conventional, traditional organization.
____ 39 Have a knack for spotting new ideas, concepts, and coming
____ 40 Constantly aiming higher than where I am currently comfortable.
____ 41 Set realistic, attainable goals for my work.
____ 42 My goals are consistent with my interests, values, motivations,
and skills.
____ 43 Compete with my past achievements rather than with another person.
____ 44 Can delay gratification and work toward distant goals.
____ 45 Can deal with temporary failure and mistakes on my way to my goals.
____ 46 Have a “right” sense of timing, an instinct for the best time to act.
____47 Practice continuous and increasingly ambitious goal-setting.
____48 Have the ego strength to know and admit when I’m wrong.
____49 Consumed by my work since I find it stimulating, satisfying,
and revitalizing.
____50 Have high confidence in my abilities and competencies in my
____51 Prepare well and leave little to luck or fate.
____52 Except for business reasons, I am not a joiner by nature.
____53 Have an ego that tells me that “I will do well –”
not “I’m the greatest ever!”
____54 Can master challenges, overcome obstacles, and realize my
____55 Can make a decision and act quickly.
____56 Have difficultly working for others.
____57 Know my weaknesses, and either overcome them or work around
____58 Have faith in my abilities and skills.
____59 See mistakes as temporary barriers and know that I will recover.
____60 Take responsibility for my failures.
____61 Can give great attention to details if it’s critical to my
____62 Can balance facts and intuitive decision-making.
____63 Rely on my hunches and intuition for business decisions.
____64 Can tolerate uncertainty.
____65 Have always liked to make money.
____66 Personal achievement and challenging work have always been
important to me.
____67 If I won the lottery, I would continue to work much as I do
____68 Even when young, I was the leader, in charge, the one in control.
____69 Control over my time and choices is important to me.
____70 Have an instinct and history of turning negative into
____71 Have little patience with game-playing and office politics.
____72 Thrive on responsibility and accountability.
____73 Competitive by nature.
____74 Fear failure, but that doesn’t stop me.
____75 Tend to work at odd hours when the mood hits.
____76 Frequently find it easier to do things myself than to show
____77 Become bored with a profession or business role after about 2
____78 Tend to be a perfectionist in my work product or service.
____79 Use a good idea regardless of its source.
____80 Want to pursue my life in my own way.
____81 See corporate organizational life as restrictive, irrational,
and intrusive.
____82 Want flexibility to set my own pace, schedule, lifestyle, and
work habits.
____83 Hedge my bets.
____84 Willing to lower my standard of living for future opportunity.
____85 Don’t rest on my laurels, but move on to another challenge.
____86 Have sometimes felt displaced, disengaged, or misfit in my work
____87 Had distant relationship with my father.
____88 Mother was dominant but supportive of me.
____89 Labeled non-conforming and rebellious by many others.
____90 Had real problems dealing with authority figures in the
____91 Have no problem doing things differently from others.
____92 Feel as if I “march to a different drummer.”
____93 Have felt victimized by a former employer.
____94 Many see me as having a killer instinct.
____95 Feel confident I could succeed in many kinds of businesses.
____96 Rarely trust outside consultants — especially counselors and
____97 My biggest problems relate to personnel.
____98 Don’t do things by the book.
____99 Always feel a need to keep learning.
____100 Have a string realistic, common sense quality.
Range = 100-500. The higher you score on the indicator, the more traits you have in common with entrepreneurs, according to the literature.
Are you currently self-employed? ____YES ____NO
Are you considering it in the future? ____YES ____NO

Now that you have reviewed the entrepreneur characteristics indicator checklist, how do you compare? Could owning your own business be in your future? Career Design can help you answer that important question, as helping adults change careers is what we do best.

Contact us today and schedule an initial appointment (at no cost) to explore your career circumstances, and our career change services.