January 2002 – Capitalizing on Chaos for Career Success

Excerpted from CDA Newsletter January of 2002…I feel compelled to communicate on the state of careers in our current era of chaos and workplace uncertainty. Keeping our careers alive and moving forward is increasingly a major challenge for which we are responsible! As I have said (dating back 15 years!)in CDA newsletters, articles, speeches, and books, “If your career isn’t in chaos now, sweeping away your former expectations and status quo rules for success, just wait, it will be.” And after almost three decades focusing on career-related research and action strategies, I have watched chaos hit almost every industry.

Earlier I had chosen “capitalizing on chaos and the end of certainty” as the subject for a chapter in my new manuscript. At that time, I was referring to the rapid and unexpected decline of career opportunities in many industries. My focus was the necessity to use an unexpected crisis as an opportunity to search creatively for both meaning and for money by knowing your “Five P’s.”

The Five P’s pivotal to our career pursuit are:

  1. Place you want to live
  2. People you want around you
  3. Purpose you will pursue
  4. Passion you feel for the pursuit
  5. Plan of action for moving forward

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