Career Change Help for those in Career Crisis


As a career coach, Dr. Harkness personally works with clients to identify their career issues and develop a plan to successfully move them forward. The career change process starts with carefully selected career assessments to identify skills, interests, and find matching careers.

She meets with each client face-to-face to gain an in-depth understanding of their background and interests, which includes going back to childhood memories and dreams of their desired future. Discussions cover prior job history, perceived successes, and the failures from which much is learned.

The Self-Assessment is Step I in CDA’s Four-Step Process. It includes participation in an In-Depth Skills Identification Workshop Series that is unique to Dr. Harkness’s career change approach. Each client participates in more than 32 hours of group participation to further identify skills, interests, preferences, and natural talents.

“Dr Harkness’ process immersed me in an exciting journey of hope, adventure, and self-discovery. My search has culminated in a truly meaningful and financially rewarding career.” ~Nancy

CDA’s Four-Step Model for Career Change:

  1. Self-Assessment – Who am I? What can I do?
  2. Career Exploration – Where can I do it? What’s out there?
  3. Future Direction – How do I see myself? What do I really want?
  4. Strategic Action Plan – How do I get there? What are my options?

Dr. Harkness still asks her clients the important questions shown in this 1980s video:

The Skills Identification Workshop takes place in a group setting, and each participant will continue to meet with Dr. Harkness privately and begin to explore career options, which is Step II in CDA’s Four-Step Process. Clients conduct industry research, watch videos from CDA’s extensive Pathfinders for the Future Career Resource Library, attend industry-specific meetings, and conduct informational fact-finding interviews in their desired field as they gain insights and refine and reinforce areas of opportunity.

Towards the end of the skills group series, each participant will receive their career assessments with a detailed explanation of each tool, and finally their completed Career Design Profile. As they work through the assessment results, they will start narrowing down their Future Direction in Step III of CDA’s Four-Step Process.

After completing the skills group series, each client will continue to work directly with Dr. Harkness in Step IV, the Strategic Action Plan. Step IV is where a client develops and refines a plan of action for their career transition.

Dr. Harkness understands that some clients in career transition will need an interim step or bridge to their next career. While they continue to fine-tune their future career focus, a bridge job will provide them with an income, and also with more of a clear purpose than they might currently have.

Prospective clients interested in Dr. Harkness’ career coaching services initially meet with her at CDA’s offices in Garland, Texas, and complete the “Identifying Your Career Satisfaction / Unrest Questionnaire.” This complimentary career assessment is the first of many career tools Dr. Harkness utilizes to help those in career crisis identify the dissatisfaction that plagues their worklife.

Get started today by completing the questionnaire and scheduling an initial appointment at no cost to explore your career options.