Career Chaos


Capitalizing on Career Chaos

Whether due to offshoring, bankruptcy, the quest for global competitiveness, or some other cause, chaos in organizations is real and radical and can create fear and uncertainty in the heart of even the most savvy and confident employee.

Looking inward, outward, forward, and beyond—and with a planned course of action—Capitalizing on Career Chaos delivers the tools and strategies to become an authentic, trailblazing pioneer who can thrive in this age of unprecedented change.

Helen Harkness draws on her work with more than 10,000 individuals and her nearly 30 years as a career management expert to present a timely process for regenerating, redirecting, or crafting a new career – from the inside out. Harkness’s easy-to-implement, four-step process shows how to look outward to match core instincts and talents with external realities; look forward to create a vision of the future; and look beyond to a specific course of action that will move us from visualization to the realization of our goals.

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