Career Chase


Demolishing the old career paradigm that saw technical expertise and loyalty as the cornerstones of career success, this revolutionary guidebook to job and career change shows how the so-called soft skills–personality traits, the ability to master psychological transitions, and the capacity for self-management–have already become the critical factors in a new way of working that provides both meaning and money.

Suggesting that the pace of change will only continue to intensify in the workplace, career counselor and futurist Helen Harkness shows readers how to recognize their options and find the opportunities that are ever-present in times of chaos.

Divided into three parts, The Necessity of Change, The Pain of Change, and The Power of Change, this book focuses on the emotional and psychological issues that are an essential part of every successful career change. Part one, The Necessity of Change, describes the current career environment and inner turmoil involved in the process of change, outlining both the physical and psychological dangers involved in career unhappiness, and introduces the concept of “the chaos chaser,” the person who is able to see the opportunity and underlying order in chaotic conditions. A pathfinder, life-long learner, and skillbuilder, the chaos chaser treats his or her own career as an entrepreneurial endeavor. Part two, The Pain of Change, offers tools for readers to identify common sources of career unrest, describes the twelve deadly myths that block or delay career change, and offers a model for the chaos of change. Part three, The Power of Change, outlines the specific steps involved in every successful career change–self-assessment, exploration and research, decision making, and strategic action.

Written for all those experiencing career unrest or dissatisfaction, The Career Chase will help readers develop the awareness, resources, strategies, attitudes, and internal qualities necessary to take creative control over their own careers and succeed in the new career paradigm.

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