Don’t Stop the Career Clock

Don't Stop the Career Clock - Book by Dr. Hellen Harkness

Don’t Stop the Career Clock

As legions of baby boomers approach retirement age, this important call to action outlines the steps to thriving as an older worker in a newly defined work world. Dispelling the stereotypes of aging that prevail in our culture, Helen Harkness champions a radical approach to aging and working for the new century.

With inspiring stories of people who created their most satisfying careers at an age when others were being “put out to pasture,” Harkness shatters the myth that growing older equals biological, mental, psychological, and creative decline and encourages us instead to reset our career clocks. Her book charts a clear course for rethinking our future and finding career fulfillment in later life, with exercises, self-assessments, and worksheets for each step along the way. Practical information shows readers how to find the order in the chaos of our Information Age, shake loose from old stereotypes to creatively integrate aging and working, tell time differently–functionally, not chronologically–and develop success criteria and the action steps needed to get there.

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