Career Design Assessments

Career Satisfaction/Unrest: Identifies your career satisfaction/unrest on five levels.
Self Directed Search (SDS): Matches your favorite activities and interests to Occupations, Fields of Study and Hobbies.
Holland Interest/
Occupation Matrix:
Identifies your self-concept code.
Eureka Skills Inventory: Compares the skills you want to use in your future to those of 700 occupations.
Strong Interest and Skills Confidence Inventories: Compares your interests and skills confidence to the general population and those in specific career fields.
16PF Personal Career Development Profile: Identifies personal characteristics and strengths leading to your career success and matches personality traits to specific careers and areas for self-improvement.
Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator: Determines your temperament type for communication, decision making, relationships and matching careers.
Values Assessment: Iidentifies personal and professional principles.
Needs: Points out your internal needs and possible conflicts.
The Party: Identifies what types of personalities and interests you are drawn to.
Life Style – Personality/Self-Management Tendencies: Determines how you like to live your life and adjectives that describe you.
Entrepreneurial Characteristics Indicator: Determines how many traits you have in common with other entrepreneurs.
Career Success Criteria/Prescription: Identifies the factors you consider extremely important to you in your work and life. This is very helpful in getting your goals and priorities established.
Books: A choice of “The Career Chase”, “Don’t Stop the Career Clock” or “Capitalizing on Career Chaos”.

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