Career Change Books for Your Future Career

Looking for career change help? Perhaps you are a self-starter and love a comprehensive read. Dr. Helen Harkness could have just the career change book for you. Being an avid reader, research and writer she has authored countless articles and multiple books.

Before changing careers herself in the 1970’s; Dr. Harkness was working toward a Doctorate in English Literature. With college tenure dying on the vine and many of those with a Ph.D. working blue-collar jobs, she made a quick switch to Higher Education and began her career journey into helping others re-career.

You could say Dr. Harkness was her own first client. Her books take readers through the career chaos that troubles countless adults and the career change process that follows. Each focusing on the different struggles, it’s not necessarily about picking just one of her books to read, but the one that connects with your career need directly.

Career Change Books by Dr. Helen Harkness

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Words of Wisdom

book_words_of_wisdomThis book is co-authored by Helen Harkness, Ph.D., Dr. John Gray, Brian Tracy, and others. Her chapter titled “Work Life Wisdom” is an interactive discussion between David E. Wright and Dr. Harkness focusing on her take on wisdom and the work world. She maintains that we must all cultivate a sharp “crap detector” to sort successfully through the generally accepted mindless myths and beliefs that we follow without careful thought. She advocates having work that provides you with meaning and purpose is the best recipe for having a long and happy life.

There’s no doubt that we live in an increasingly complex society. Seeking solutions to perplexing situations is just the beginning of being an astute member of the human family. Words of Wisdom was written to help you do just that. These authors are new channels of wisdom that can help you move forward and help you solve problems, help others, and give you peace of mind. And learning from others is always a good idea, especially if they have the valuable kind of information these contributors have shared here.

Dr. Harkness stated that a century ago, someone asked Freud, “What should a normal person be able to do?” Freud simply replied: “He should be able to love and work.” How true that is – loving and working gives us a sense of fulfillment and self-worth.

There has never been a better time for self-improvement, and there’s room for improvement in all of us. Let this book be a part of that process for you. There’s no time like now to begin your journey to a more successful you. If you value your future and want to begin by working in the present, Words of Wisdom is for you! You will see this for yourself. Put the lessons our authors have learned to work for you.

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The Career Chase

book_career_chase_1222Demolishing the old career paradigm that saw technical expertise and loyalty as the cornerstones of career success, this revolutionary guidebook to job and career change shows how the so-called soft skills–personality traits, the ability to master psychological transitions, and the capacity for self-management–have already become the critical factors in a new way of working that provides both meaning and money.

Suggesting that the pace of change will only continue to intensify in the workplace, career counselor and futurist Helen Harkness shows readers how to recognize their options and find the opportunities that are ever-present in times of chaos.

Divided into three parts, The Necessity of Change, The Pain of Change, and The Power of Change, this book focuses on the emotional and psychological issues that are an essential part of every successful career change.

Part one, The Necessity of Change, describes the current career environment and inner turmoil involved in the process of change, outlining both the physical and psychological dangers involved in career unhappiness, and introduces the concept of “the chaos chaser,” the person who is able to see the opportunity and underlying order in chaotic conditions. A pathfinder, life-long learner, and skillbuilder, the chaos chaser treats his or her own career as an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Part two, The Pain of Change, offers tools for readers to identify common sources of career unrest, describes the twelve deadly myths that block or delay career change, and offers a model for the chaos of change.

Part three, The Power of Change, outlines the specific steps involved in every successful career change–self-assessment, exploration and research, decision making, and strategic action.

Written for all those experiencing career unrest or dissatisfaction, The Career Chase will help readers develop the awareness, resources, strategies, attitudes, and internal qualities necessary to take creative control over their own careers and succeed in the new career paradigm. Visit Amazon to order your copy today.

Capitalizing on Career Chaos

book_career_chaos_1222Whether due to offshoring, bankruptcy, the quest for global competitiveness, or some other cause, chaos in organizations is real and radical and can create fear and uncertainty in the heart of even the most savvy and confident employee.

Looking inward, outward, forward, and beyond—and with a planned course of action—Capitalizing on Career Chaos delivers the tools and strategies to become an authentic, trailblazing pioneer who can thrive in this age of unprecedented change.

Helen Harkness draws on her work with more than 10,000 individuals and her nearly 30 years as a career management expert to present a timely process for regenerating, redirecting, or crafting a new career – from the inside out. Harkness’s easy-to-implement, four-step process shows how to look outward to match core instincts and talents with external realities; look forward to create a vision of the future; and look beyond to a specific course of action that will move us from visualization to the realization of our goals. Visit Amazon to purchase your copy today.

Don’t Stop the Career Clock

DSCC-BookAs legions of baby boomers approach retirement age, this important call to action outlines the steps to thriving as an older worker in a newly defined work world. Dispelling the stereotypes of aging that prevail in our culture, Helen Harkness champions a radical approach to aging and working for the new century.

With inspiring stories of people who created their most satisfying careers at an age when others were being “put out to pasture,” Harkness shatters the myth that growing older equals biological, mental, psychological, and creative decline and encourages us instead to reset our career clocks. Her book charts a clear course for rethinking our future and finding career fulfillment in later life, with exercises, self-assessments, and worksheets for each step along the way. Practical information shows readers how to find the order in the chaos of our Information Age, shake loose from old stereotypes to creatively integrate aging and working, tell time differently–functionally, not chronologically–and develop success criteria and the action steps needed to get there.

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Reading a book on career change is just a start in the re-careering process. Here’s a free career quiz to help you identify your career satisfaction and career unrest.