Read Dr. Harkness on your eReader

Legendary Re-careering coach Helen Harkness has seen her clientele grow younger and become more wired in the past 15 years. In keeping with changes in the constantly evolving career field, Harkness recently re-released her groundbreaking book The Career Chase for eBooks, available in Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iPad and Borders Kobo formats.

“This book directly addresses the challenge of changing careers successfully – discovering your purpose to pursue with passion and personal power. I was using this process as Dr. Harkness was writing it,” said client Todd Wagner, founder of Audionet and, Todd Wagner Foundation, 2020 Productions, Magnolia Pictures, Landmark Theatres, HD Net Films and partner with Mark Cuban.

Dr. Harkness says that her other two books, Don’t Stop the Career Clock and Capitalizing on Career Chaos are also now available in eBook format for a variety of readers. Harkness owns the digital rights for all three books, and is publishing them through Career Design Associates, Incorporated.

“Dr. Harkness’ books remain contemporary in both content and presentation,” said client David Leonnig, who prepared the books for electronic release. “I read all three books initially, and have now read them again in formatting them for e-readers, and find that the books are as relevant today as when Helen Harkness wrote them over the past dozen years or so.”

All three books are available now in the most popular formats, and will soon be migrated to other readers. Most eBook owners can access the books using one of the formats, and their existing reader. The Career Chase is priced at $7.95; the other two titles sell for $9.95 each. Those who want the books in traditional printed format can contact Dr. Harkness directly at or via the web site at Don’t Stop the Career Clock is also available as an audio book, available from Dr. Harkness and