June 2000 Law Partner Internet Pioneer Todd Wagner

ExcLaw Partner, Internet Pioneer, Social Entrepreneur – Tracking Todd Wagner’s Career Change

Excerpted from June 2000 CDA Newsletter…How do you achieve phenomenal record-breaking success in an industry that doesn’t have a name? What special set of chance circumstances, competencies, and creativity add up to an IPO that immediately breaks all previous stock records? What was the combination of timing, talent, tenacity, and teamwork that set this record?

Todd Wagner, co-founder of Broadcast.com, will talk of these challenges with CDA clients at a Pathfinders meeting on Thursday,June 29 at 7:00 PM. As a partner in a major Dallas law firm in the mid-1990s, Todd faced the fear of a career change head-on. Affirming in our sessions that he wanted to “make deals, not advise others on them,” he resigned. After rejecting the idea that he needed an MBA or formal training in technology, he leaped into the newly emerging Internet world and created what is described as the Web’s most valuable and lasting franchise – a sustainable entity now owned by Yahoo.

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