Levels of Service from Career Design Associates

Call or email Career Design to set an initial time at no charge to discuss your career unrest issues with Dr. Harkness who provides all career services. The purpose of this initial meeting is to determine the level of the following career services that fit your career needs.

Prices range from $695.00 – $6,900.00 depending on services needed to solve your career problems.

*Level III: Career Transition Process  is the most recommended and used by 90% of Career Design Associates, Inc. clients.

I.  Career Assessments Only

Receive a CDA Career Profile™, the written results of the following thirteen career assessments with detailed explanations. The following assessments are taken by all CDA clients:

  • Career Satisfaction/Unrest
  • Self-Directed Search
  • Holland Interest/Occupation Matrix
  • Eureka Skills Inventory
  • Strong Interest and Skills Confidence Inventories
  • 16pf Personal Career Development Profile
  • Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator
  • Values Assessment
  • Needs
  • The Party
  • Life Style – Personality/Self-Management Tendencies
  • Entrepreneurial Characteristics Indicator; and
  • Career Success Criteria.

II. Career Assessments and CDA Skills Group Workshop Series

This includes all the career assessments listed above, plus the Personal Profile (DiSC), Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis and 30-40 hours of in-depth weekly Skills Group Workshop Series with approximately 6-8 participants focusing on Skills Identification and a specific Career Focus. Results are received in a full CDA Career Profile. This program also includes 2 one-hour private consultations with Dr. Harkness.

*III. Career Transition Process

This deeper program includes ALL career assessments and the 30-40 hours of weekly Skills Group Workshop Series listed above. Results are received in a full CDA Career Profile. This program also includes 11 hours of individual counseling with Dr. Harkness.

IV. Comprehensive Career Change/Transition Process

Three Year Retainer — This covers ALL of the above with unlimited individual counseling time with Dr. Harkness to address any and all your career issues, resume writing, job hunting, interviewing and salary negotiation.

There is no additional charge for any client to attend all CDA PathFinder meetings, Personal Profile (DiSC) Workshop, Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Workshop, Special Career Interest and Career Skill Development. Unlimited access to the CDA Career Resource Library including Career Information Videos available on YouTube, Audio Recordings, Career Books and Futurist Library with Career Periodicals collected by Dr. Harkness.