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Golden Boomers: Creating a Second Midlife for Meaning and Money

CarPlanAdultDev-Cover2011Initially, I was surprised when asked to act as Guest Editor for this journal issue focusing on our Golden Boomers. My birth date labels me as one of the Silent Generation, and frankly, I am the parent of Golden Boomers. However, in reality I have been experiencing for decades what the Golden Boomers are currently moving towards. The chaos of my personal and professional life forced me to move resiliently through our society’s countless, mindless myths as part of my mission to achieve meaning and money – purpose and profit. My claim to fame on this sub-ject may relate to Mark Twain’s quote: “You can’t no more teach what you don’t know, than come back from where you ain’t been.” And I have been there!

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Futurist Comments of CDA Clients and Associates Available!

Jounal-JPG-SUM2015Last year, we asked you “What would you like tens of thousands of psychologists, academics, career development practitioners and interested others to read about The Future as you see it?”

Those comments are in the current issue of the Career Planning and Adult Development Journal (Summer 2015), and each link below will take you to an individual article from the issue.

The entire issue is accessible here in PDF format.


Thank you to all of the clients and friends who helped with this issue!


shereeanshel3How Older Workers Can Repurpose Skills, Transition to Different Jobs

…Garland career counselor Helen Harkness, too, sees many of her 50-something clients making career transitions by shifting decades of experience and skills into another profession. One client sold his McDonald’s franchise to use his management skills in the nonprofit world.

While going back to school makes sense for some people, it’s not always necessary or financially possible, Harkness says…

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Boomers have options after “no-choice” retirement

Published in the Dallas Morning News, March 24, 2010 – written by Cheryl Hall

DMN-March-2010For many aging baby boomers, the specter of being involuntarily put to pasture is a reality-based nightmare.

Helen Harkness, a noted career mentor, says “no-choice retirements” are on the rise. And while losing your job at any age is traumatic, older workers feel particularly defeated because they think it’s too late to start new jobs or careers.

“Of all the mindless myths that we have, this one is absolutely sheer bunk,” says Harkness, principal of career Design Associates Inc. in Garland. “I tell my clients, ‘Tell me what you would do if you were 20 years younger.’ And we start from there.”

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