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Free Agent/Entrepreneur Characteristics Indicator

Becoming an independent, free agent entrepreneur is rapidly becoming a focus of millions of contemporary Americans from corporate baby boomers moving from misery toward Meaning and money at midlife. The independent Gen X & Y with their “Yo Yo – You’re On Your Own Career Model”, since few suitable jobs are out there to embrace them.

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Maximizing Competencies in the Workplace

Competency Defined

In his text, “Building Robust Competencies,” Paul Green notes, “An individual competency is a written description of measurable work habits and personal skills used to achieve a work objective.”

Mitch Byers, author of Interview RX, a book Dr. Harkness and many others highly recommend reading, has written an excellent Interviewing Comptency Key, which he has given us permission to share.

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To Succeed in Today’s Changing Workplace

. . .the Type CC Change Catalyst knows that it is essential to:

Know your options. It is our responsibility to learn what work feeds our soul. Write out your Success Criteria (those “Glass Balls”) – the critical elements that can’t be dropped if you are to feel successful in your life and work. This is opposed to “Rubber Balls” – the unimportant elements that clutter up our life that can be bounced out.

Establish “Brand You, Inc.” – become a free agent, PICC (professional independent consultant/contractor) or entrepreneur. You may be employed, but you are self-directed in your career.

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Career Success Criteria

Glass Balls vs. Rubber Balls

Thoughtfully determine and list your “glass balls“, your strongest, fundamental bedrock career needs for your success. These Career Success Criteria are from your DNA, and are as individual as your fingerprints. Build your career on your bedrock “glass balls” and not your unimportant “rubber balls.”

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