Words of Wisdom

book_words_of_wisdomThis book is co-authored by Helen Harkness, Ph.D., Dr. John Gray, Brian Tracy, and others. Her chapter titled “Work Life Wisdom” is an interactive discussion between David E. Wright and Dr. Harkness focusing on her take on wisdom and the work world. She maintains that we must all cultivate a sharp “crap detector” to sort successfully through the generally accepted mindless myths and beliefs that we follow without careful thought. She advocates having work that provides you with meaning and purpose is the best recipe for having a long and happy life.

There’s no doubt that we live in an increasingly complex society. Seeking solutions to perplexing situations is just the beginning of being an astute member of the human family. Words of Wisdom was written to help you do just that. These authors are new channels of wisdom that can help you move forward and help you solve problems, help others, and give you peace of mind. And learning from others is always a good idea, especially if they have the valuable kind of information these contributors have shared here.

Dr. Harkness stated that a century ago, someone asked Freud, “What should a normal person be able to do?” Freud simply replied: “He should be able to love and work.” How true that is – loving and working gives us a sense of fulfillment and self-worth.

There has never been a better time for self-improvement, and there’s room for improvement in all of us. Let this book be a part of that process for you. There’s no time like now to begin your journey to a more successful you. If you value your future and want to begin by working in the present, Words of Wisdom is for you! You will see this for yourself. Put the lessons our authors have learned to work for you.

Make this the turning point of your life. This is your moment, now is your time!

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