Take Charge of Your Career

Take Charge of Your Career

  • Are you working harder but enjoying it less?
  • Do you live for Friday and suffer from Sunday night/Monday morning blues?
  • Have you lost a well-paying job that you doubt you can ever replace?
  • Has your work ceased to provide you with any sense of meaning?

If yes is your response, know that you can begin to take charge of your career!

Helen Harkness, Ph.D., understands the traps we fall into with our worklives. We can remain lost in a no-hope job situation, living without control or opportunity – OR look above our rut to discover & realize purpose, creativity, and fulfillment.

The CDA 4-Step Process has helped thousands reach their goals. And in a world of so many choices, part of the process is indeed to determine what best meshes with one’s deepest interests and skills.

Freedom is Knowing Your Options! has been the CDA credo since its founding in 1978. Contact CDA to begin the process of investigating the possibilities and resuscitating your work-life.

Being extremely unhappy in your work life will create continuing physical and emotional problems, but don’t jump right in and change jobs or careers without sound information. Click here to learn more, and to take a free career satisfaction survey.