September 2002 – The Future Has Arrived: The Future is Now the Present

Excerpted from CDA Newsletter – September of 2002…At one time or another I have plowed doggedly through Toffler’s work in order to access his foresight. On re-reading his work, it’s amazing how on-target he has been concerning the changes in our world — not 100% of course, but without question much he forecast has happened. Now I plan to focus on gaining insight on trends for the next 30 years since I plan to work that long! I have trusted his assessments of the changes in the workplace, because when Toffler talks about the negatives of bluecollar factory work, he personally knows. He and his co-writer wife, Heidi, both worked in factories for years. This is difficult to believe when you read their highly scholarly and lengthy works!

I remember well my introduction to Toffler and future thinking in early 1970. I was rather ineptly trying to keep freshman awake in their MWF 1:00PM English class. Giving up on Shakespeare,and trying to be relevant (the cry of the ‘70s), I dashed out and bought a stack of paperback copies of Toffler’s Future Shock (after only reading a review). I don’t know how it affected my students, but it hit an extremely important life-changing “AHA” for me. His definition of “future shock” as total disorientation, shattering stress, and overwhelming unexpected change parachuting us alone into a chaotic world where current reality and our former expect ations and rules were totally clashing put a vocabulary to my life at that time! My quest became the search for understanding my life by studying the future.

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