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Career Design Associates (CDA) provides expert career coaching with the information, strategies, and resources for adults to change careers – or to enhance a current work/life situation in this time of change and chaos. CDA has been helping people in career transition find the purpose they can pursue with a passion – and for a profit – for more than three decades. Whether you seek coaching for a career transition or to discover and achieve your passion in life, CDA is devoted to helping you achieve career satisfaction. [Learn More]

“We have this myth that is still following us – you prepared for one career, you got a job in it, and you stayed there for 30 years,” said Helen Harkness PhD, founder of Career Design Associates, Inc. “We’re still dealing with that for mid-career people, even though most know it’s a dead myth.”

When Dr. Helen Harkness gets involved with your career, be prepared to work on change!

Dr. Harkness works with teens as well. Her non-profit Career Design Foundation focuses on getting middle and high school students started down the right career path initially, saving time and money, and avoiding the frustration of a poorly-fitting career chosen for the wrong reasons. [Learn More]

As a nationally known career consultant and author, she is frequently quoted on career satisfaction, aging, and the accelerated pace of living in today’s world. Her books, Capitalizing on Career Chaos, Don’t Stop The Career Clock, and The Career Chase share her expertise on career transition, aging, and finding the work you want to do in today’s job market. [Learn More]

“I credit Dr. Harkness for introducing me to the concept of working as a free agent. During our work together I began developing a personal philosophy of thinking outside the box, thereby allowing myself more freedom to be creative in my lifestyle and career choices.”

– Ron W.


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