Career Assessment & Skills Focus Workshop

Future Career Workshop – Career Assessment for High School StudentsTo arm you with the critical information to thrive in this new career chaos and uncertainty, CDA has developed an 32 to 40 hours of Skills Identification Workshop Series, which starts completing the CDA Career Design Profile™ assessments, in-depth skills identification and career focus.

Skills Identification Workshop Series

Dr. Harkness believes that “Freedom is Knowing Your Options” and she helps young adults, midlife career changers and those re-careering to explore these options through this workshops series.

The objectives of the Skills Workshop Series is an in-depth identification of:

  • Interests, Values, Workstyle, Motivation and Personality Traits.
  • Your Individual Skills and the specific matching careers to be researched.
  • Your Success Criteria – Glass Balls vs. Rubber Balls (the elements essential for your life/work success).
  • Techniques and strategies to determine and research targeted careers.
  • The process of Information Interviewing, Resume Strategies, and Job Search.

Helen Harkness is truly a force of nature. Helen coached me through a transition in my consulting business/career and was most insightful, kind, and helpful with her unmatched store of knowledge and experience. No matter what stage you may be in your career, if you want coaching that will really help you discover “what’s next?”, Helen should be your first call.

Kevin Karlson JD PhD
Insights for Leaders

Clients say “This in-depth skills identification group workshop series is an extremely valuable part of the CDA Career Change Process.

You will also receive:

  • Attendance to CDA Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Workshop.
  • Attendance to the Personal Profile (DiSC) Workshop
  • Unlimited access to borrow from the CDA Career Resource Library – over 800 Pathfinders for the Future Career Information Videos, Audio Recordings, Career Books and Futurist Library with Career Periodicals.

Contact CDA to find out when the next series will be starting.