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Dallas Career Coach, Dr. Helen Harkness is Blazing a Trail to Fulfillment


Dr. Harkness was recently interviewed by Hanah Cho, Staff Writer for the Dallas Morning News and featured in the Senior Living Section. Dr. Harkness shared the story with Hanah of how she started Career Design Associates, Inc. back in 1978.

Now at 85, Dr. Harkness tells Hanah, “I don’t sweat my chronological age. Forget the clock. Focus on your functional age”. She will continue to blaze her trail to fulfillment for the next 20 years.

As Dr. Harkness says “Live Long and Die Fast”!

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About this Post
Guest post by Lissa Duty, a Dallas based Social Media Coach, who can attest to Dr. Harkness’s passion for helping career clients. Lissa, after being the long time office manager and administrative assistant at Career Design Associates, Inc. found her passion and opened her social media coaching and consulting practice in 2009.

Congratulations Are In Order! Career Coach, Helen Harkness Inducted into the Hall of Fame!

Dr. Harkness Inducted into West Virginia University Education Hall of Fame

This past week career coach and career counselor, Helen Leslie Harkness, Ph.D. was one of four others recognized by The West Virginia University College of Education and Humans Services.pix of hh with west virginia flag 2013

At the Hall of Fame reception, Dr. Harkness was inducted by Carolyn Atkins, Chair of the Selection Committee. Carolyn said “By recognizing these well-respected individuals, we emphasize the value we place on a strong work ethic, intelligence, creativity, motivation and achievement.
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