As many of you may know I am an avid reader. I will sit down with my pen, paper and a book and start to read and write. I take notes about every book I read. This helps me to recall them easier, but also serves as a reminder of the things I need to take action on.

brand_echonomics_jeff_bradyI recently read Brand Echonomics: Building a Message that Matters by Jeff Brady. Jeff is a former news anchor for WFAA and is currently host of The Texas Daily. In addition, he owns public relations firm in Dallas, Brady Media Group, that focuses on storytelling for big brands.

My message to all about this book is that you need to read it to understand how to create your Brand ECHO, not only for business owners but as an individual. Storytelling is the major key to success in your personal and professional life. You tell your story to others and they amplify your story to others creating the echo. We all need more story tellers!!

Below are some of my notes from reading Jeff’s Book, Brand Echnomics and I highly recommend you read it to get the rest of the story.

Brand Echo = a process of building a brand message that works.

Modern Brands:

A. Solves an important, urgent problem.

B. Taps an emotional trigger – spiritual nerve
C. Proves to be a good steward of the community by serving a larger, selfless cause and
D. Brands a memorable story so powerful that it grows legs!

How do we build a brand? Build a brand by telling a great story.

  • Most brands are invisible: Don’t matter
  • Brands that tell great stories and solve problems succeed
  • Make an impressions, promise to help a lot of people and keep the promise!

What else?

  1. Brand matters because it drives revenue by eliciting emotional reactions
  2. “Four P” Marketing: Product, Price, Promotion and Place
  3. Design – logo, colorful – graphic identity in visual form
  4. Voice – all copy should convey the personality and priorities (Ex: Tag line for CDA “Determine your purpose to pursue with passion”)
  5. Consistency – follow through, stick to it

There is a new set of guidelines:

  • Basic P’s – a great product, exceptional performance on higher passion and thereby generate a contagious message that evolves into a Brand Echo.
  • Know the customer, identify the pain point and solve the problem.
  • Service is absolutely first.
  • P is for Passion = power! Higher Purpose

Why do good brands last forever? Authenticity matters, word of mouth is back. Echo: a sound heard repeatedly often far from its source, often being repeated. It lives on –word of mouth is the most important!

Only 14% of Americans trust public ads. 78% trust consumer recommendations. Social Media word of mouth = most effective!

Consumers suffer from an epidemic of information or media fatigue. Too many are unable or willing to devote the time and effort required to slow down and focus. Deep prolonged thought is extraordinarily rare these days.

Brand Echo begins with a personal stamp of approval: Word of Mouth – is best! Consumers are hungry for wisdom, empathy, guidance and intimate, relevant messaging that can help secure a problem today.

Purpose + Passion = WOW!

Since my major message to clients is finding the purpose they can pursue with passion until they die this line really struck a nerve with me!

I am passionate about telling my story and helping all of my clients tell theirs. If you need help call (972) 278-4701 today. I meet with all initially to discuss their career circumstances and how I may help them. Read more about me.

Read more about Brand Echonomics and Jeff Brady on his website.