Career and Personal Brand Building Books

In today’s chaotic workplace no person can afford to be lax on staying on top of the career. Whether aging out of the workplace, or just getting starting, education is a must to live a long life! Below are just a few of the books Dr. Harkness recommends you read.

Brand Echonomics by Jeff Brady

brand_echonomics_jeff_bradyDr. Harkness’s message to all about Brand Echonomics: Building a Message that Matters by Jeff Brady, is that you need to read it to understand how to create your Brand ECHO, not only for business owners but as an individual. Storytelling is the major key to success in your personal and professional life. You tell your story to others and they amplify your story to others creating the echo. We all need more story tellers!!

Read some of Dr. Harkness’s notes about Brand Echnomics and you’ll instantly know why she recommends this book.

The Coming Jobs War by Jim Clifton

the_coming_jobs_warFinding a job is a war! It is not getting easier; it is getting harder and more difficult. Finding the right job that you can pursue with a passion, while having meaning and money is even more difficult. This is the focus of my work with my career clients at Career Design Associates, Inc., and has been since 1978.

Now, more than ever, researching and understanding all the unexpected and rapid changes in our workworld is a necessity. The Coming Jobs War by Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup shares his critical insight into the current workworld.

Read why Dr. Harkness recommends this book.

Visionaries Have Wrinkles

visionaries_have_wrinkles_karen_sandsVisionaries Have Wrinkles: Conversation with Wise Women Who Are Reshaping the Future by Karen Sands, MCC, BCC is a collection of interviews with women who are reshaping the world as we know it – extraordinary women living their visions with more passion, wisdom, and focus than ever before, not despite their age but because of it.

During Dr. Harkness’s interview with Karen, she said “If you took twenty years off your age, what would you want to do personally, professionally, globally, spiritually? What is stopping you from doing exactly that now?”, which is the statement she poses to countless adult Career Design clients.

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