Dr. Harkness Inducted into West Virginia University Education Hall of Fame

This past week career coach and career counselor, Helen Leslie Harkness, Ph.D. was one of four others recognized by The West Virginia University College of Education and Humans Services.pix of hh with west virginia flag 2013

At the Hall of Fame reception, Dr. Harkness was inducted by Carolyn Atkins, Chair of the Selection Committee. Carolyn said “By recognizing these well-respected individuals, we emphasize the value we place on a strong work ethic, intelligence, creativity, motivation and achievement.

Each distinguished in their chosen professional in myriad ways: through the development of new programs, procedures, designs and models; through teaching, writing, research, service; through skillful management; and other outstanding performances.”

Dr. Harkness completed her Master’s degree in English at West Virginia University in 1953 and later completed her Doctorate of Philosophy at the University of North Texas in 1976.

Something you might not know about Dr. Harkness is that she has a Ph.D., versus an M.D. Many times prospective clients come into the office and automatically assume she is a medical doctor. She was married to an MD and in the late 60’s felt like she was completing her MD, while working to put him through medical school. Prior to starting Career Design Associates, Inc., Dr. Harkness was a school teacher going all the way back to West Virginia. After moving to Texas she also taught in the Carrollton School District, while rearing her three children and working toward her own Ph.D.

In response to receiving this Hall of Fame induction Dr. Harkness responded “When I was growing up in West Virginia the state motto was ‘Mountaineers are Always Free’. My CDA motto, ‘Freedom is Knowing Your Options’ was derived from it and has been the fuel keeping my passion ignited for helping adults re-career for over the last three decades.”

She proudly displays her West Virginia flag for all to see who visit her Career Design Associates, Inc. office in Garland, Texas.

Dr. Harkness is the author of five books, Best Jobs for the Future, The Career Chase, Don’t Stop the Career Clock, Capitalizing on Career Chaos and Words of Wisdom. She is currently writing two manuscripts, Moving from Mindless Myths to Meaning and Money at Mid-Life and Mapping Your Future Career: Success Options, Insights and Actions for Students and Parents.

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Guest post by Lissa Duty, a Dallas based Social Media Coach, who can attest to Dr. Harkness’s passion for helping career clients. Lissa, after being the long time office manager and administrative assistant at Career Design Associates, Inc. found her passion and opened her social media coaching and consulting practice in 2009.