Career Maturity At Every Age

When I formed the nonprofit Career Design Foundation in 2012, I did it specifically for elementary through senior high students. We are losing many of the fringe students in this group to other things more relevant to them than education and jobs – usually in the form of immediate gratification. Unfortunately, our “ready-fire-aim” world is encouraging students to leave the educational process in record numbers.

It may be that a person on the fringes of society and the education process sees no point to educate themselves for a bleak job future. The research shows that today’s middle-of-the-road students can’t find jobs after a college education.

Why would a marginal middle school student from a difficult home environment see any future in education without a meaningful plan of attack REINFORCED BY EDUCATORS?

At the website for the non-profit – – we discuss the research and delivery of a future career program for students beginning in their junior and senior high school years. To support our activities, we have provided a number of career workshops for students always requiring their parents attendance to hear and participate in the results.

Now, we’d like more of your input – financially and intellectually.

After years of intense research, I have distilled the problems and possible solutions in a manuscript initially titled, Creating Educonomy: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and REALITY.

We must call on parents, educators, community, and business leaders to become actively and purposefully involved in designing a CAREER MATURITY PROGRAM for our youth while they remain in school. Without this our entire economic system will continue declining and our American Dream will wither and fold!

A clearly researched and defined action plan for students is imperative!