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PathFinder Meeting – April 28: Mary Louise (ML) Dubay

CDA PathFinder Meeting – Confectionary Entrepreneur Mary Louise (ML) Dubay

ML_Toffee BiteCDA’s Pathfinder for the Future series is designed to help people move forward in their future careers. Our April speaker is Plano small business owner Mary Louise Dubay, founder of Toffee Treats. Mary Louise is an example of someone who made a 180-degree-shift, leaving the corporate world to volunteer in a non-profit and found her own business.

Her story is based on a family tradition. The holiday season always found Mary Louise with her Grandmother watching the pot as the secret family recipe toffee cooked away. Throughout the years she continued the family tradition of making holiday toffee, adding a few of her own special ingredients to the golden, buttery candy along the way. Out of this experience – and with inspiration from those who tasted her holiday treat – a business was born. Read More→

Sara Agritelley Discusses Re-engaging Her Career at Midlife

Sara Agritelley to Present at CDA Pathfinders Meeting

Helen-SaraA1300Former CDA client Sara Agritelley currently serves as a Supervisor of Benefits Service Center at Milliman – an international actuarial consulting firm specializing in employee benefits.

Sara is using her knowledge of – and passion for – the investment & financial planning fields to coach & inspire others to do the same. She started as a Benefits Representative assisting individuals with their 401k accounts & quickly moved through the ranks to be promoted to a leadership role within the division.

Sara spent 12 years raising her family, and was able to utilize Dr. Harkness’ knowledge and services to relaunch her career. Prior to taking time off to raise her family, Sara spent 17 years in the financial services industry. Read More→

HR Expert and Coach Dr. William H. Behrendt to Present

Behrendt_2011_3307Our February speaker is noted human resource executive and coach Bill Behrendt, who joins us to talk about re-careering in his own life. He’ll also talk about futures in the health care field. Dr. Harkness met Bill when he took her Career Coaching class at UTD.  He has completed this certification and moved to a very high level in the field. He is now planning the next step in his career.

Bill most recently served as Vice President for Human Resources at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, where he was responsible for all “people” issues at the Medical School, and its University Hospitals and Clinics.

Bill’s recent accolades include the 2015 “Talent Development Champion of the Year” by Skillsoft, and the “Top 10 Breakaway HR Leadership” Award from the Global HR Summit in 2011. He also received the 2014 Strategic HR Leadership Award from Strategic HR Excellence, and was winner of the 2012 “PRISM” award for Excellence in Coaching from the International Coach Federation – N. Texas Chapter. Read More→

Anne Barr: Expert in Franchising and Business Ownership

Anne-Barr-modDate & Time: Thursday, January 7th, 6:30 pm

Location: CDA Offices in Garland

All are invited at NO CHARGE to gain this very timely information!

Anne Barr presents a seminar called “Business Ownership Options”, and Anne believes her seminar would be of benefit to anyone looking to explore business ownership and how to go about it. In addition, it is educational in nature and not sales oriented.

The seminar is jam-packed with information on all three options, and Anne will go over questions to ask – do’s and don’ts, how to find the right fit for your personality, personal and financial goals and your available funds. She’ll also talk about how to find funding for the acquisition. Read More→

It’s Time to Re-Career and Replace Retirement

I changed careers in a time when career change didn’t exist. Before it even had a name. Get a glimpse into my story now.

Re-Careering is Achievable

The necessity for me to Capitalize on Chaos, both personally and professionally, and to re-career and forget retirement, and make a living for myself and three children started in 1970 when my occupation as a full-time mother and physician’s wife ended.

I had sent my husband to medical school instead of going myself, demonstrating the 1950’s Silent Generation wife syndrome. I immediately dashed back to chase a Ph.D. in English, and the dream that I had since I’d read in the 1960’s that if a woman got a Ph.D., she could become a university president! Wow – that was a real challenge to aim for!

However, after six years of part-time graduate classes, while teaching at a private college, which later closed with a bang and a whimper, and within six hours and a dissertation, I realized that with a dime and a Ph.D. in English, that I could get a cup of coffee!

Read Moving from the Mindless Myths to Meaning and Money at Mid-Life today.


Why Having a “Sharp Crap Detector” is Essential is Today’s Workworld!

When I was writing the book, The Career Chase 15 years ago and was explaining the necessity to become a Change Catalyst to learn new skills for the new rapidly upcoming age, I listed what I thought those new skills would be. Very quickly I said it would take courage, and confidence to change. We would have to make a commitment and take the challenge. It would require creativity, cooperation, curiosity, competence and this would result in compensation and gaining career control. Then I added common sense and noticed when I listed these traits somehow, automatically, they all started with a C. “Aha”! That’s when I realized I had learned something from that Ph.D. in English! If nothing else, I could alliterate.

Read More→

Entrepreneurship: Do You Have What It Takes?

A CDA PathFinder For Your Future Event on Entrepreneurship

By 2020, forty percent of American’s are predicted to become freelancers, self-employed, part-time workers or work in portfolio career. Is this for you?

Want to know more? Attend this CDA PathFinder Meeting!

Hear the details of becoming a Tiny House entrepreneur from BA Norrgard who created A Bed Over my Head. You’ll also meet Leigh Ellen Key, who with Matt Warmuth, founded Jigsaw Ticket, LLC, designed for young adults to achieve a satisfying career and avoid overwhelming college debt! Read More→

Moving Through Career Chaos to Creativity – An Update

As most of you know, I have a tendency to be “ahead of the curve” in a lot of my writing and research. I have been researching both Chaos Theory and Happiness for years, and wanted to review some of my past findings with you – because the world is catching up with some of the trends I saw coming a number of years ago, as written about in the Career Planning and Adult Development Journal:

I suggested a journal volume focusing on two rapidly developing con­temporary fields affecting midlife adults – the Science of Chaos/Com­plexity originating from physics, and the Science of Happiness from Positive Psychology.

Integrating the Chaos Theory and Positive Psychology came as an instinctive response to finding a way to help my clients solve their career issues. My purpose in suggesting the study of these two fields to my colleagues was the re­alization that a basic (not necessarily a deep) understanding of the fields of physics and psychology is essential. Both of these are now generating cutting edge concepts which are moving from their original narrow sci­ence subject to countless other applications. Read More→

Is a Green Career in Your Future? Experts Share the Scoop

Green Energy Careers

Perspectives on Green Energy and Its Impact

“The future is uncertain . . . . but this uncertainty is at the very heart of human creativity.” According to Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Prize winner in 1977 and author of Order Out of Chaos, and The End of Certainty. This uncertainty and the necessity for creativity is exactly where we are in our energy world today!

Though I am a long time career consultant and confirmed futurist, providing the last word on green careers pushed me to use my more experienced clients and contacts as resources. My company, Career Design, sponsors Pathfinders for the Future, to provide career information and mentoring sessions on careers and for the past six months we have focused on the energy field. Authorities from varying energy areas have presented programs which were all videoed for others to view later at no charge. As a result, Bruce Thomas, a former marketing professional in radio & TV and an early retiree seeking his next career, initiated a non-profit organization, North Texas Advanced Energy Collaborative (NTAEC), dedicated to the development of North Texas as an economic and innovation zone for advanced and emerging energy technology industry. This is a rapidly growing group focusing on collaborative business development and launching a website in May for posting articles and information statewide, nationally and worldwide.

Current Careers in Energy – What It Means to Be Green

I have asked two members of this group to write a brief summary of their insight and possible opportunities and challenges for careers in this exploding industry:

  • “What is “Green” is by Tony Robinson, M.S. He has been in the construction industry since 1979. Tony spent more than twenty-five years working on the design and development of energy efficient building products.
  • The 2nd submission, “Profitable Green Solutions” is by Eric Woodroof, Ph.D. He has been in the energy efficiency and environmental field for over 15 years, helping businesses and governments reduce their environmental impact. Dr. Woodroof serves on several advisory boards for professional associations.

Read More→

Todd Wagner – From Lawyer to Yahoo to Philanthropist

Former Client Todd Wagner and CDA

Todd Wagner has presented at Career Design Associates a number of times since he was client of Dr. Harkness’ in the early 1990s. Todd is a great example of a client who has reinvented himself a number of times – from Lawyer to High-tech Entrepreneur to Investor and Philanthropist. Todd has made his efforts and his investments count in a variety of ways, often for the benefit of society. He is committed to being a change agent.

Phase One – Running From The Law

Harkness_Wagner_lowres-7029Like a lot of lawyers, Todd Wagner is bright and articulate, and the law seemed like a good fit for him.

However, as he said in a Dallas Morning News story in 2004, he describes people trapped in jobs as doing “the walk of the living dead.” He’s experienced it twice, and both times, career counselor Helen Harkness came to his rescue. Dr. Harkness and Mr. Wagner first crossed paths in 1991, when he took her informal course at Southern Methodist University called “Running from the Law” – a sort of group therapy for disgruntled lawyers. At 30, he fit the bill. He’d gone to law school for lack of anything better to do and graduated from the University of Virginia in 1986. Read More→