Frustrating Job Search

Being thrown into an unexpected job search, I found myself struggling to identify my gifts and value-add skills I bring to the table. I believed in my talent, however the search was starting to form cracks in my soul. This is when Hollis and her amazing work saved the day! After following her on LinkedIn for several months, I reached out and asked for help. And all I can say is that it was definitelyTHE BEST decision I have made in the past year! Not knowing a thing about me, Hollis easily identified my gifts and how I needed to position myself in the job market. She asked really good, thoughtful questions in a way that allowed me to show up as my true, authentic, unfiltered self. Tossing out all my limiting beliefs with ease! Hollis is one of the most encouraging and results producing person I’ve ever met. My cracks started to heal instantly! During our sessions, I took heaps of notes, felt uplifted, inspired, and knew I was back in charge of my search. And here’s proof – exactly 2-months after I reached out to Hollis, I started my new job!

– GS, Pivoting to Purpose

Defining Success

I just wanted to reach out because I have great news! I have accepted a position! They were not a group that was at the front of my list initially, but after talking with them and hearing about them from other people, it was clear that they fit my “Success Criteria” best. I want to thank you both for the help you provided and the clarity you gave me at the close of 2020. It has truly paid off, and it has made me more confident in myself and what I can do. The fun is just getting started!

– WM, Recently Laid off

But I’m Not Qualified

I was dealing with a huge bout of Imposter Syndrome as I unexpectedly entered a new career. I decided to see if talking to a career coach would help me, and I’m so glad I did. Hollis helped me see my former career in a light I didn’t think possible, but that made absolute sense. It was so enlightening, because I had felt that I had wasted a lot of time and didn’t leave that career with much to give. Hollis helped me rewrite the narrative on paper, yes, but also in my mind. If you have the chance to work with her, take it!

PK, Confident Career Changer

Interview Prep

So…I just had a job phone screen and I put our conversation this morning to the test! The more I say it out loud the more easy it’ll become and be apart of me. I’m so excited! ….And she put me through to the next round of interviews.

– GH, 1 Year Unemployed

Maximizing LinkedIn

 I wanted to let you know, after the LinkedIn class and my subsequent improvements to my profile, I started getting lots of calls with recruiters! This led me to the realization that I am not confident in jumping right back into this industry. Thanks again for the great LinkedIn advice, I have definitely seen the light on that front!

– SM, Changing Industries

Unmotivated & Unhopeful

I am so thankful I found Heather & Career Design when I did! I always felt extremely motivated and hopeful after each session and highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in their career (or in life lol!). I was unmotivated and unhopeful, but she helped me dig deeper to realize that there are many opportunities out there that match my skill set that I can find happiness in. The program is very structured but also customizable to your needs and Heather is always quick to respond when you are feeling stuck!

– MS, Got Unstuck

Rewire Instead of Retire

When it was time for me to refocus my 40+ year career (following a life changing detour of some 5 years) I turned to Hollis Roberts to help me focus, adjust, and craft a direction that would result in my getting to do everything I loved. And she did – with grace, patience, extraordinary knowledge – and a kindness unlike any I had experienced. She introduced me to tools and ideas I would not otherwise have considered. Did she succeed? The first six talks I delivered following her direction all resulted in standing ovations. Thank you Hollis Roberts!

– DG, 40 Years Experience

Early Career Pivot

Career Design has been an amazing and valuable resource for me. I was stuck in the wrong job, and I was unsure of where to go next or what to do next. I would recommend Heather and Hollis at Career Design to anyone either stuck, unsure or just want a new career start. They helped me every step of the way between linked in, resume and where to look. Throughout my time working with Career Design. My confidence in my skills and experience grew and they truly equipped me with the right tools to make the step to be happy and successful in my career. I’ve recommended Career Design to all my friends personally and professionally. I recommend everyone reach to work with Heather and Hollis to take the next step to be happy and fulfilled in your career

– SS, 5 years experience

Changing Industries

My new job has been far and away the best job I have ever worked at so far. I really love what I am doing, the industry, and my day to day tasks. I am learning so much between the new role and industry, but it is all very exciting. I cannot tell you and Heather how much I appreciate what you have done for me over the past year. I was talking with my wife a few days ago and she was thrilled hearing about my job, what I am doing on a daily basis, and how much I love it. Apparently, I never was so positive about my previous jobs. I really never thought working for such a large corporation would be so rewarding but I am finding it to be just amazing. Thank you both so much, I honestly could not have done this without you both and I so grateful for your help.

– JC, 20 Years Experience

Going After What You Want?

I tend to over think EVERY THING…so much so I get stuck! This program helped with what I feel has been so big and helpful for me- career clarity. I recently got a job offer that looked appealing on paper but when dissected in a way that the program helps you learn and understand, I realized that it was never going to get me where I wanted to go which is to own my own business. The best part was my current business partner knew about the offer and ended up matching the financial terms in order to keep me on his team. Talk about a win! There was so much personal growth with all the information that Hollis and Heather provided. All it requires from you is to be ready and willing to work on yourself and start believing that you are worth the investment!

– JP, 30 Years Experience

Exploring Possibilities

Career Design is the real deal! I was feeling stuck in my career, uninspired and out of options when I came to my first class. In just 4 meetings, I can say that my perspective has completely changed! I discovered that my self-doubt, hesitance and fear were given way too much power over the different directions of my career. Heather and Hollis opened my mind to new possibilities, showed me that I do, indeed, have options, and that I am capable of making a career change! I cannot say enough about this program and the ladies who partner up with you on the journey to finding a new career/job.

– NJ, 20 Years Experience

Re-entering the Workforce

When I first made contact with Career Design I was very low and uncertain about my career prospects. My actual career had bottomed out, I had become a full-time stay-at-home mom. Until I invested in your curriculum, I did not understand how entrenched these ideas were for me and how thoroughly they were hindering my ability to envision a different future. I’ve passed along some of your wisdom to my daughter and her boyfriend as they consider career choices – inviting them to think differently about their options, too!

– KL, 10 Years Out of Workforce

Finding Strength(s)

I cannot say enough AMAZING things about Career Design. In fact, I don’t think words can express how grateful I am for this company & the people who truly helped me find direction, purpose, and confidence. This was one of the most impactful and life-changing (in the best way) experience I have ever been through. If you are questions whether Career Design is right for you or whether you should do it, don’t! The answer is so simple, absolutely do it – you will NOT regret it and you get to work with some of the most amazing people ever who truly want to help you find your career goals and reach them!

– LR, New Grad

Learning What You Need

My new role is everything I was looking for. It is big enough to provide support, but small enough to provide growth opportunities. Even though I had no experience in this space, they were quick to get me ramped up and have provided me with responsibilities and contributing roles. The culture could not be a better fit for me. They are relaxed and fun, but hard working when we need to be. I cannot thank you and Heather for what y’all did to help more focus on where I needed to go to be successful. I feel like I have grown so much professionally since joining.

– WM, 5 Years Experience

Negotiating My Worth

After receiving a job offer, I found myself overwhelmed, asking “should I take the job, which comes with its own risks, or stay where I am despite feeling unhappy?” I was at a loss for how to negotiate the offer and undervalued my worth. Meeting with Heather at Career Design helped me identify my top priorities. She guided my focus to my long-term goals and career growth. After our meeting, I felt more confident in my decision and empowered to ask for what I want during the negotiation process. Thank you, Heather, for helping me stay grounded and focused on what’s truly important!

– BG, First managment role

High School Student

My work with Heather throughout my experience with the Student Career Clarity program was informative, unique and incredibly helpful. As an incoming freshman in college, the value of the work that I did with Heather is indescribable, and I know that our discoveries will lead to a happier and more fulfilling career in my future.

– GM, Hopeful for My Future