CDA Client Success Story – Sheree Anshel

Just like countless adults making a career transition at mid-life, Career Design client Sheree Anshel transitioned into a new career after working through the career change process and identifying her transferable skills. These are skills that will mesh into a new career – one which she has a passion for!

Sheree Anshel – Career Transition from Manager to Nurse

Below are excerpts from her story featured in the Dallas Morning News (2014).

shereeanshel3“Garland career counselor Dr. Helen Harkness, too, sees many of her 50-something clients making career transitions by shifting decades of experience and skills into another profession. One client sold his McDonald’s franchise to use his management skills in the nonprofit world.

While going back to school makes sense for some people, it’s not always necessary or financially possible, Harkness says.

‘Do not go back to get another degree until you know that degree is absolutely necessary to where you want to go in your future,’ she advises.

One of Harkness’ clients did go back to school.

Sheree Anshel, of Dallas, spent many years in operations and leadership roles in the health care industry here and abroad. A few years before she turned 50, Anshel had an ah-ha! moment and decided to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a nurse.

Anshel had her doubts about making such a dramatic change at a late stage in her life, but she pushed on.

‘The thing that kept resonating with me was, I’m going to be 52 anyway. If I was going to be 52, why not graduate with a degree for something that I always wanted to be?’ Anshel says.

Now 59, Anshel is semiretired, traveling and also working part-time as a member of the Dallas-based Mary Crowley Cancer Research center’s institutional review board for clinical trials. Previously, she was the registered nurse coordinator of the palliative care program at Medical City Hospital, a job she left in November.

‘I feel like I’m in the third or fourth act of my life,’ Anshel says ….”

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