Career Coaching Services

Dr. Helen Harkness, Dallas Career Coach and Career Counselor

Everyone needs a career coach in his or her contact list. With the job market fluctuating  seemingly more than the stock market, no one – young or old – is immune from career unrest.

  • Layoffs, mergers and acquisitions are impacting the workplace as never before. Young adults armed with a college degree and minimal work experience are entering the workforce, overeducated and underpaid.
  • Older adults are being replaced by the younger, tech-savvy generation as companies are trying to compete in the digital world.
  • Moms on the heels of a divorce are heading back to work, just as their kids are heading off to school.
  • Midlife career chaos is plaguing adults who have been working 50+ hours a week since graduation. Career change at 40? It’s the new norm.

It’s easy to see that many people are suffering from career crisis today!

Everyone Could Use Career Coaching

Wondering if that promotion is the best decision for you? And how should you ask for that raise? Are you worried that asking the wrong question when speaking with your boss about your future career might put you next on the chopping block?

These are only a few concerns that we hear from adults of all ages. Whether unemployed, underemployed, or overemployed, the simple fact is that career advice is something that everyone can use. A nationally known career counseling pioneer, Dr. Helen Harkness started Career Design in 1978.  The Career Design consultants have the experience, insights, and aptitudes to help you solve your unique career challenges.

Career Coaching Services

There is no “cookie cutter” approach with our career services. Each individual has specific career needs and concerns that need attention. This is exactly why our career coaching sessions are private and customized. The Career Design process places Dr. Harkness and Career Design Associates among the best in the career consulting industry.

Here are just a few of the career coaching services we provide:

  • Career success criteria identification
  • Exploring the best career options
  • Transitional jobs while moving into a future career
  • Entrepreneurial business startup process
  • Job search coaching
  • Resume writing and interviewing skills

Again, keep in mind that each career coaching experience will be unique to the individual. Please contact Career Design today to schedule an initial appointment to discuss your career coaching needs at no cost.