Career Design Profile™ – Finding Your Future Career

Career Coaching for High School StudentsMany struggling with career unrest in the workplace today will move to a new position – or even a new company – in hopes of more satisfaction. Unfortunately, the underlying career unrest and various career issues usually transfer with them to the new role, wherever it may be.

But there is a solution. The Career Design Profile™ is the best first step you can take to gain insight and sound information for your next career move. This thorough profile is generated from your answers to a series of validated, well-researched vocational assessment tools and career tests. It provides you with a greater understanding of your skills, interests, values, motivations and personality, and of those careers that are compatible. Review a sampling of careers assessments and career tests included with the Career Design Profile™.

This profile by itself will not resolve complicated career issues, but it is an important piece to the puzzle. You must ultimately get to the heart of the problem, and this can be achieved. Learn more about our complete Career Change Program.

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