A CDA PathFinder For Your Future Event on Entrepreneurship

By 2020, forty percent of American’s are predicted to become freelancers, self-employed, part-time workers or work in portfolio career. Is this for you?

Want to know more? Attend this CDA PathFinder Meeting!

Hear the details of becoming a Tiny House entrepreneur from BA Norrgard who created A Bed Over my Head. You’ll also meet Leigh Ellen Key, who with Matt Warmuth, founded Jigsaw Ticket, LLC, designed for young adults to achieve a satisfying career and avoid overwhelming college debt!

Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 6:30 pm
Location: 2818 S. Country Club Road
Garland, Texas 75043

Attendees may choose to take the “Traits of an Entrepreneur” quiz created in 1995 by Dr. Harkness for the World Future Society all day seminar. 

Open to the public at no charge! RSVP NOW!

A Bed Over My Head with BA Norrgard

BANorrgard-ABOMHB.A. Norrgard of A Bed Over My Head is a trailblazer and a tiny house luminary. In 2012 she decided to overhaul her life – not from a fail, but to find out what really made her happy. Bucking societal expectations and following her inner guidance, she shed her paralegal costume after 26 years in a downtown Dallas high-rise. She hand built (in Dr. Harkness’ back field) her own 112 square foot tiny house on wheels to be her full-time permanent residence. She is a passionate advocate for others following their dream of letting go of societal conditioning and being free to live a larger life in a smaller space.

Since August 2014 she has traveled over 7,000 miles with her house, exhibiting, speaking, teaching workshops and consulting on living small. She strives to live a sustainable lifestyle and blogs regularly about her lifestyle and transition on her website, A Bed Over My Head.

She has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, KRLD Radio, Al Jazeera America Cable News Network, ABC, NBC, FOX news, Buzzfeed, Yahoo, GreenSource DFW, The Maureen Anderson Show and has been a contributing author in Tiny House Magazine. B.A. is a doer. She lives by example and loves to travel in her tiny house.

Jigsaw Ticket LLC and Leigh Ellen Key

jigsawticket-LLCLeigh Ellen Key is an entrepreneur and self-development advocate. She founded Jigsaw Ticket, LLC in 2015 with her business partner, Matthew Warmuth, to help teens and young adults find their direction and make better choices as they evaluate their future educational and career options.

Only recently, Leigh Ellen realized that her first career truly started at age 12 working as a concession stand attendant at a local pool. This was her first experience as an intrapreneur. She then continued as an entrepreneur in the energy industry and in the health, wellness, and self-development industry.

After successfully testing its first programs and services for teens using Lean Startup methods, Jigsaw Ticket just began offering programs and services to the public in October at their downtown Dallas office. A full schedule of programs and services for teens and young adults will be offered starting in January. Jigsaw Ticket also offers free informal talks full of tips for parents of teenagers. These talks are typically hosted by a local parent in their home for their invited friends.

Now, fifteen years after starting her journey into the nature of human self-development, she’s still just as passionate about lifting the human spirit. Understanding what internally energizes and motivates you and then directing that energy in your life and work is what gives each of us the sense of purpose, confidence, and connection that can change our world for the better.