A Story of Inspiration  – A Career Change to Find Your Passion and Purpose

The sounding message I want everyone that walks through the Career Design doors is “Find Your Purpose You Can Pursue with Passion As Long As You Live!”

It’s a New Year and now is the time for finding meaning in your life and work! This is exactly what CDA client, B.A. Norrgard, set out to do in February 2012. She started her journey of self-exploration with a battery of CDA Career Assessments and participating in the In-depth Skills Identification Workshop Series that countless Career Design clients have found to be one of the most insightful processes to add value to your life and work.

B.A., a woman of action, is making her mark on the tiny house movement in Dallas with a big splash! In December, she was interviewed by the Dallas Morning News and featured on the front page of the Sunday edition. Read the story here.

B.A.’s Career Journey to Find Her Passion

As part of B.A.’s exploration into herself and the building of her tiny house, she started writing and blogging about building her tiny house. Here is an excerpt from one of her stories about her career change process:

I embarked upon the hard work of months of peeling off those layers to get down to what really makes me tick, and identifying my natural talents. I dived in with a voracious appetite.

Two questions I had to answer were, “What did you do as a child that made you happy?” And,”Why did you quit doing those things?” The result? Validation. Empowerment. Confidence.

I have unique talents, skills and passions. I am bold enough to step out and follow my heart to overhaul and rebuild my life—not from a fail, but with a new focus: What will make me happy in the second half of my life? ~ B.A. Norrgard

Immediately after B.A.’s story hit the newspaper, a buzz in Dallas startled circling her and she was interview by news station about her tiny house! B.A. generously shared the video with us. Watch it below NOW!

We have been featuring B.A.’s tiny house building project on our Facebook Page. Check out the album! Follow B.A.’s continued tiny house journey on her blog ABedOverMyHead.com.

In closing, this CDA client found out what she wanted to do with her life, set her goals and made it happen. B.A. is moving forward with career success and you can too.

A Quiz to Help You Find Your Next Career

I challenge my clients to answer four critical questions to help them find the purpose they can pursue for meaning and money:

  1. What is a need you see in the world?
  2. Do you have the skills or can you get them to meet that need?
  3. Would you feel successful if you accomplished this?
  4. Can you make the money you need to live?

Looking forward to your answers to these questions! Comment below …