Golden Boomers: Creating a Second Midlife for Meaning and Money

Career Planning and Adult Development Journal

CarPlanAdultDev-Cover2011We are happy to present this issue of the journal dedicated to the baby boomer generation now beginning to enter their 65th year of life, with Guest Editor Helen Harkness of Career Design Associates, Garland, Texas. Helen has now contributed guest editorship to two consecutive issues of the Journal in the same year, for which we are grateful! A hearty thank you, Helen!

Our strong thanks go also to the authors of these excellent articles about Golden Boomers.

The above comments are excerpted from the preface of Career Planning and Adult Development Journal (Summer 2010) managing editor Steven E. Beasley. Each link below will take you to an individual article from the issue.

The entire issue is accessible here in PDF format.

Thank you to all of the clients and friends who helped with this issue!