Mental Health Resources

Burnout, career dissatisfaction, a layoff, or the loss of career direction takes a toll on our mental wellbeing. It’s not uncommon to experience depression, anxiety, and grief during times of uncertainty and change. Seeking out career counseling is an amazing step towards finding freedom. Many of our clients find peace when they pair career counseling with additional wellness resources.

Here are resources you may find helpful during your journey to “what’s next.”

Anxiety & Depression Resources

ADAA Low Cost Treatment

Kristen Neff’s – Self Compassion Resources

Analyzing Your Thinking (PDF)

The Anxiety Cycle (PDF)

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (Book)

Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle (Book)


Grief Resources

Grief Share

Good Grief

Meditation for Grief

Grief Recovery Support


Mental Wellness Therapists

Career counselors and therapists are like peanut butter and chocolate… They go SO well together. There are so many great therapists out there, and are some we recommend. It’s important to research and find someone who feels like a good fit.

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