I changed careers in a time when career change didn’t exist. Before it even had a name. Get a glimpse into my story now.

Re-Careering is Achievable

The necessity for me to Capitalize on Chaos, both personally and professionally, and to re-career and forget retirement, and make a living for myself and three children started in 1970 when my occupation as a full-time mother and physician’s wife ended.

I had sent my husband to medical school instead of going myself, demonstrating the 1950’s Silent Generation wife syndrome. I immediately dashed back to chase a Ph.D. in English, and the dream that I had since I’d read in the 1960’s that if a woman got a Ph.D., she could become a university president! Wow – that was a real challenge to aim for!

However, after six years of part-time graduate classes, while teaching at a private college, which later closed with a bang and a whimper, and within six hours and a dissertation, I realized that with a dime and a Ph.D. in English, that I could get a cup of coffee!

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