Constantly sharpening your Crap Detector is an absolute necessity for career success today!

As you know I remain deeply involved in the career/work world issues which are now reeling from “Future Shock” as predicted by Toffler. The workworld has entered a new age of heightened turbulence, dramatically different from the last 30 years. The demise of the “Womb to Tomb” career model and the rise of the “Yo Yo stratagem – You’re on Your Own”! So it’s imperative to know your Brand!

The reality is that no traditional conventional format system will prop us up. Countless realities compel as 95 degree redirection and rethinking of our workplace, career, education, our definition of success and what we value. Getting real dictates reevaluating the myths – the half truths that have unconsciously guided us in all phases of our careers. They must be identified and reexamined to determine how on target they are.

While my work remains focused on adults with workplace problems, I am deeply concerned and am researching issues relating to the younger generations and the very serious current and future education, work life and career issues they are experiencing currently and certainly will face in the future. I will keep readers in the loop on what I am learning and the actions I take.