Shattering the Mindless Myths & Misinformation of Aging is one of the greatest challenges for the Baby Boomer Generation!

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  1. Develop an innovative model integrating aging and working based on current research and rapidly shifting environmental realities
  2. Realize that today’s model for aging and working can be destructive, deplorable, depressing, and invalid; and that redesigning and implementing a new pattern is essential.
  3. Shatter the stereotypes and recognize the myths, misinformation, and negative effects of ageism in our society, workplace, and ourselves.
  4. Know that age does not automatically spell decline.

Aging Myths: Physical – growing up/running down; Mental – shrinking brain; Psychological – nothing to live for; Creative – wilting inventiveness.

You need to:

  • Learn a new way to tell time.
  • Capitalize on functional age, forget chronological age.
  • Deduct 20 years!
  • Use a compass, forget the clock and calendar!

This is discussed in-depth in my book, Don’t Stop the Career Clock: Rejecting the Myths of Aging for a New Way to Work in the 21st Century.

Breaking the belief barriers and shattering the stereotypes for a new way to age and work is the most compelling challenge facing individuals and organizations today. Conventional wisdom and former paradigms on succeeding and handling your career are passé, much like the typewriter!

Our most creative challenge is the realities of:

  • longer lives
  • multiple shorter careers
  • re-careering, not retiring
  • breaking through negative belief barriers
  • discarding misinformation about supposed physical, mental, psychological, and creative decline of aging.

Demographics (the Senior Boom and Birth Dearth), and the move from the Machine Age to the Mind Model brings increased opportunity for adults to achieve control, creativity, commitment and competency in their career lives.

To accomplish this requires developing and actually maintaining a Sharp Crap Detector