Free Agent/Entrepreneurial Characteristics Indicator

Entrepreneur is the Career Focus of Generation X, Y and Z

Entrepreneur QuizBecoming an independent, free agent entrepreneur is the focus of millions of Americans, from corporate baby boomers (trying to move from misery towards meaning and money at midlife) to members of Gen X, Y, and Z with their “YoYo – You’re On Your Own” career model.

Take the following quiz to see how you fit.

Free Agent / Entrepreneurial Characteristics Indicator

Extracted from the full Entrepreneurial Characteristics Indicator**

Indicate how true the following statements are about you by assigning the corresponding number to each statement, using the following scale: 1. Not at All, 2. Slightly, 3. Somewhat, 4. Quite Well or 5. Completely.

  1. Need to feel a strong sense of control over my own destiny.
  2. Have foresight and commitment to work toward these long-term future goals.
  3. Have firm belief in my ability to achieve my goals.
  4. See myself as an over-comer with a high level of tenacity and determination.
  5. Know how to build on successes and learn from failures.
  6. Tolerate frustration and ambiguity.
  7. Deal successfully with modest to high levels of uncertainty and job insecurity.
  8. Have the knowledge and/or technical skills in my field for building a business.
  9. Have a healthy respect for making and managing money.
  10. Have a close family member who has owned his/her own business.
  11. Have a clear vision – a purpose – a plan to create and implement.
  12. Take only calculated risks, though others tend to see me as a risk-taker.
  13. Do not fit in a conventional, traditional organization.
  14. Have a knack for spotting new ideas, concepts, and coming needs.
  15. Control over my time and choices is important to me.


According to the literature, the higher you score on the indicator, the more traits you have in common with entrepreneurs. If you scored:

Range = 60-75 – High. Indicates strong free agent/entrepreneurial characteristics.
Range = 45-60 – Moderate.
Range = Under 45 – Low. Think carefully before going out on your own.

** For the complete Entrepreneurial Characteristics Indicator, please refer to pages 170–174 in my book, Don’t Stop the Career Clock: Rejecting the Myths of Aging for a New Way to Work in the 21st Century, or take the complete quiz here.